The Spicer Acting Empire is Expanding: The Brant Theatre Workshop Presents 'The Misadventures of Pinocchio'

I have gushed on this site about my children plunging into musical theatre and the arts. It has been pure magic witnessing my kids embrace things like playing the cello, acting, singing, dancing, crafting, and writing. I have also been bubbling over with happiness because they have been following in my footsteps. While I never was in a musical, I performed in many plays as a child and teenager.

I have been off the stage for a long time, but was hit with a severe hankering to return after being wowed by Everett and his cast members' incredible work during Newsies Jr. I told myself that I should do some acting again one day.

Well, that 'one day' is now only a few days away. Everett and I have landed supporting roles in the Brant Theatre Workshop production of the Paul Amato-written play The Misadventures of Pinocchio.

I was a little nervous back in April when I auditioned for the play, but landing a role confirmed I was ready. And it has been a pure pleasure getting to perform and throw myself into a character again. My last time performing was in a play that I did for a university course. 

The cast and crew are amazing people committed to making the best play possible for the audience. They also are a fun bunch, and it has been a blast 'talking shop' with other creative folks. I believe I'm the oldest of the actors in the play (as proven by using words like 'folks'), but the treasure of being surrounded by much younger cast members is I'm connected with my youth. It has unfortunately not caused me to have the physique or hair of my younger years.

I also want to thank stage director Peter Muir who has some incredible instincts when it comes to staging and blocking scenes, and I feel I have learned a lot about how to keep a play riveting. He is a very kind and patient man, but also passionate about the play. It has been a rewarding enough experience that I feel I have other plays in my future if directors will have me.

Both Everett's and my roles are on the smaller side, but as someone who hasn't needed to memorize lines for decades, I appreciate the smaller amount of room the play needs to occupy in my brain. In something that doesn't shock me, Everett has almost everyone's lines memorized and has been an uncredited director's assistant by helping to remind everyone of their stage directions. Not sure how he stores an entire play in his brain, but this is the kid who memorizes board game instructions after one reading. 

We are only a few days away from opening night, and I have some mixed feelings. I am a little kid on Christmas Eve excited about performing in front of an audience, but with only 2 months of mostly once-a-week rehearsals until recently, a portion of me fears we aren't audience ready. At this point, it is happening no matter my concerns, and the cast and crew are invested in this being a great show.

It will be a fun show for the whole family. I realize the majority of my readers don't even live in the same country as I do, but if you are in the Brantford area over the next two weeks then please consider checking out The Misadventures of Pinocchio.

We will perform the play at the historic landmark the Bell Homestead with the times and dates being Friday, July 7, at 7 pm, Saturday, July 8, at 7 pm, Sunday, July 9, at 2 pm, Friday, July 14, at 7 pm, Saturday, July 15, at 7 pm, and Sunday, July 16, at 2 pm. There are a lot of chances to catch it. Admission is by donation.

Even if I wasn't strutting my stuff in a supporting role, I'd encourage you to come out to support local theatre. The arts are the heart and soul of our culture and society, and a crucial aspect of shaping a community.  The local arts matter to a city and Brant Theatre Workshop could use the community and theatre fans' support. 

I was blown away and deeply touched by how many people in my life and even the readers I've never met who supported Everett's efforts in Newsies Jr. Thank you so much for coming out to enjoy that show. I am sure once again that I'll be shocked and encouraged by several amazing folks.

It has been a fun return to the theatre and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible over the next two weekends.