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A Bodyslam to My Portfolio: My News Pieces for WrestlingINC

As most of you know, I have been a long-time wrestling fan. There have been a few times through my writing career when I got to cover the pseudo-sport. The most recent was this summer when I wrote a few short news pieces for the fine people over at WrestlingINC. The pieces were strictly reporting from interviews and the site itself has an established and large readership, so I didn't really think about promoting them.

I've realized now that having a portfolio with as much of my writing as I can post is always a strong career move. I can't showcase my ghostwriting or ad copy work since I'm essentially being paid for someone else to get the credit, but I can definitely reveal all my work where I have a byline.

For the purpose of self-promotion and for those just interested in seeing everything that I write, I decided to attach links to the four wrestling news pieces that I wrote recently for WresltingINC.

AEW's Matt Hardy On The Pros & Cons Of Social Media

AEW's The Young Bucks Reveal The Lessons They Learned From Colt Cabana

NWA Owner Billy Corgan Discusses The Free Education He Got In TNA