I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

I Just Made a Discovery. . .


First off, this is a picture of Everett on Labor Day 2015, which was right before he became a school-going young man.

My discovery was not this photo.

This week has been an apocalypse on my mind and the hellfires have gobbled up my energy. Some of it is personal matters and a lot of it is just the current challenges with reclaiming a substantial amount of client work to aid the bank account and get things back into a warm and fuzzy financial situation.

This means there just isn't the capacity or the time to devote much to Beyond the Balcony. The recent streak of photos along with a few quick thoughts is bound to continue for at least the rest of the week.

I am also painfully aware that September is not suddenly going to be the majestic moment I have everything in order and suddenly bundles of time to devote to the site will rain down from the heavens. I'll likely continue down  Chaos Alley for a month.

But I have lots of ideas and opinions that are just not being spread. This was when I suddenly realized that one of my greatest weaknesses as a writer is the inability to craft an article with several quick thoughts and ideas.

You'd think as a former professional columnist and a blog writer of decades that this would be a superpower. But often what happens is that I'll have five or six random ideas and thoughts I could share for what I earmarked to be about 2k words combined. Then I tend to use up all those words and time on the first point, and thus everything else gets shoved away and never mentioned again.

As a crazy September looms over me, this is something I hope to remedy. The plan is to try to craft a few random thoughts and opinion list posts in the coming weeks.

But I keep wanting to bloat that first point.

Hopefully, this is a beast that I can slay.