Where is 'The Breakdown of Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' Episode?: An Update on The Future of 'The Movie Breakdown'

On the most recent episode of The Movie Breakdown, The Breakdown of Our Most Rewatched Movies of the Past 10 Years, we promised there would be a bonus episode this week, and more specifically, a deep dive into the 2023 picture, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

The good news is that we have recorded the episode and it is ready to rock your ears with a fantasy movie and game talk. But for personal, career, and strategic reasons we've changed our mind on it being a two-episode week, and instead moving it to next week.

This will give us a little bit of time to plan out where we want to take the podcast and make sure we can create the best possible episodes going forward.

Starting next week, we will be committing to having a brand new episode drop every Wednesday morning. 

Wait, Wednesday morning?!?

For long-time listeners, you know the podcast was a Monday morning tradition until a few years ago when we decided to move it to Tuesday morning. It is in our best interest to make another shift, and so now, we've got your hump day covered. You work hard at the start of the week knowing you have us in the middle ready to deliver fun movie talk to propel you towards the weekend.

The promise is an episode every Wednesday, but this doesn't mean we won't throw in a few delightful surprises with bonus episodes some weeks, and you'll have two episodes and maybe even a grand week of three episodes. We've definitely got you covered with at least weekly Wednesday episodes.

The fall is always a big season with the return of school and many organizations launching major programs and initiatives. Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown are ready to get into that groove. I'm working out a video supplement to the podcast that will be movie-based and likely a series diving into a particular genre or franchise that will be weekly. The long-hyped and heralded serialized fiction along with the multitude of reviews and think-pieces will populate and rock the site for the fall and beyond.

I do want to mention that the theatrical reviews will be sparse on both the podcast and the site for the next while, but the goal and hope is to return to them as soon as it is feasible. My target is to attract readers and grow the site in the next month where we can justify reviewing at least one new release a week. But no matter how things pan out, I am committed to making the site and podcast the places that provide amazing amounts of insight, entertainment, and value.

As always, I am grateful for the incredible support and love shown by the greatest readers and listeners around.

Listen to "The Breakdown of Another Update" on Spreaker.