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The Breakdown of a Lost Episode - 'King Kong' (1976), Finding Ohana, Yes Day, and The Last Blockbuster


So, we were taking a stroll through The Movie Breakdown vault, and we stumbled upon an episode that for unknown reasons (the owner of this site messed up the linking labels and never noticed) never went into the main podcast feed, so most of our listeners have never heard it.

We are pre-empting the planned and already recorded episode, and instead gifting you with one from all the way back in March of 2021. It is a fun one, as we review the huge blockbuster remake of the 1976 King Kong. If you get joy when we disagree on a movie then this is your triple-layered cake of pleasure.

We also review two family movies in the Jennifer Ganer starring Yes Day and the children on an adventure for treasure Finding Ohana. We also skip down nostalgia lane as we discuss the documentary The Last Blockbuster. 

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating
Finding 'Ohana *** (CS & SM)
King Kong. ***½ (CS) & ** (SM)
Yes Day *** (CS & SM) 
The Last Blockbuster **½ (CS) & *** (SM)