I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

My Sudden Massive Pop Culture Realization


I was thinking about what it would be like if my kids had the classic Saturday Morning Cartoons like in my childhood. Then it hit me like an oversized polka-dotted mallet. The pop culture landscape would be very different today if networks and regulations had the same mindset as the 1980s when it came to marketing and entertaining kids.

We would have a John Wick & the Assassins of Justice animated series where they battled the evil J.A.C.K.A.L organization, and of course, there would be a full line of action figures. 

There would be a Conjuring cartoon where the Warrens would travel across America exorcising ghosts and they would have their goofy sidekick, Annabelle.

Pacific Rim would definitely be rocking Saturday Morning, and all the kids would want the Jaeger Battle Station playset.

No kid would want to miss the comedic adventures in the Get Out cartoon show where Chris keeps finding himself in a new zany haunted house each week along with his talking dog pal, Coodles. My kids would totally have the accompanying bedsheets and be counting down to the Halloween special.

Of course next fall TV season we're amping up for the continuing lighthearted adventures of M3Gan and she helps her pal Cady battle the shady toy company, because why not turn a killer doll into a hero that you can then sell dolls of her to real kids! 

What inappropriate modern movie do you think would have been turned into a cartoon in the 1980s?