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The Best Online Historical Look at Computer Games


One of my goals for the site is to delve into major pop culture artifacts and analyze their historical impact and how they shaped entertainment history. I have always loved roaming through the past and seeing how it connects to the present. It is a major reason why I want to do several review series for major movie franchises, but also for other art forms such as adventure games. 

I only have so much time and bandwidth to devote to such things, especially since my main source of writing income comes from client work rather than the site. It is likely a lot of these review series will take quite some time to get chugging along the tracks of history. But luckily, the internet already has many great historians and storytellers.

When it comes to computer games, the best source for their chronology is The Digital Antiquarian. The site has been delving into the beginning of computer games like The Oregon Trail and now has made its way to around the mid-1990s. If you are just discovering this site, there are articles going all the way back to 2011, so lots to read. 

It is a treasure trove for a seeker wanting to know all about the major influential games and moments in computer history. with things covered including Sierra, LucasArts, AOL, Doom, and Ultima. If you have any love for computer game history then I highly recommend checking it out. It will likely be a major source for when I do my own reviews of past graphic adventure games.