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The Breakdown of the Highest Grossing Movies of 2023

We're back!

Kind of.

It is just me this week, but an episode with both hosts will pop into your life next week when we review the first theatrical movie of 2024.

First I take a look back at 2023. Sadly, as I announced on various social media platforms, we will not be doing a top ten best-of-show this year, which is the first time the annual episode has been cancelled. We just didn't see enough new releases, and feel the list would lack much depth or substance.

2024 will be an amazing year, and we will be reviewing as many 2024 releases as we can. When the year comes to a close, we will have a proper best-of-show.

This week I look at the top ten highest-grossing movies of the year, and analyze why they were hits, and what the big studios can learn from their success. We will be taking this concept further in a few weeks, but it is a fun show for those who like a little box office analysis with their movie talk.

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