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Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Everett


Well, actually, Everett isn't a pirate at all, He is the lieutenant of the police force in the Theatre Ancaster Junior Broadway production of The Pirates of Penzance. A musical that Everett has poured his heart and soul into since September getting ready for this big weekend run of shows. Shows that you can still get tickets right here if you are in Ancaster, Ontario area.

He performed in two school matinees this week and came home with a radiant smile glowing across his face. He follows after his father who gets great energy from an excited crowd. He loved getting reactions and cheers, and knowing his hard work was bringing joy and pleasure to the many students who came to see them this week. He is now primed to entertain the audiences this weekend.

It has been quite the theatrical last few months for our family. The Spicers debuted as a family in the world of musicals this past December with the Playful Foc Production's Disney's Beauty and the Beast, where Everett continued his star-making journey playing Chip while the rest of us got ensemble roles. Danika was also in the Skill Builders program with Theatre Ancaster, where she also put on an end-of-the-session performance. As someone who has always believed in the magic of the arts, I'm overjoyed that both of my kids have a deep passion for musical theatre.

Everett says that now he has played in front of an audience of a thousand plus at the historic Sanderson Centre his next goal is Stratford and then off to Broadway. He might have a decade or more to work towards that, but I love his willingness to dream and my role as a father is to support and encourage him the best I can.

It was Everett's performance in last year's Newsies Jr that conjured up a potion inside me that whisked me back to the stage. I had done a drama class as a kid and some theatre in high school. but it had been discarded in a cobwebbed corner of my life for several decades outside of one play I did during university. What I had not expected was finding myself performing in a musical when I had never sung or danced in front of anyone in my life outside of leading campfire songs where it more resembles screaming and gallivanting than song and dance. 

This weekend I am an audience member and an immensely proud dad who has seen his son demonstrate commitment, passion, humility, and growth as he prepared for this big weekend. It has been amazing seeing him develop his skills and confidence to an impressive degree from when he started the Junior Broadway program back in the Fall of 2022 for Newsies Jr.

Musical theatre and other forms of the arts including creative writing, cello, crafting, and painting have proven to be cherished treasures for our family. It is why I have used this site several times to promote their priceless value to our culture and society, but also just as golden and majestic for the individual. 

I have seen the arts like musical theatre, creative writing, and cello build my kids' confidence and better equip them for social settings. Especially, when it comes to public speaking or being able to handle a situation where they need to leap out of their comfort zone. It also builds critical thinking and a perspective from outside the norm driven by the bravery to implement actions freshly and imaginatively. Not everyone is ready to dance, sing and act in front of large crowds, but anyone can find a way to artistically express themselves, and the world is a richer place when more are willing to follow that path.

If you're looking for something to do then please consider checking out Everett this weekend. I look forward to 2024 being a big year for Spicer's musical theatre ambitions, and I will keep you posted on all the adventures with that journey.