10 Things I Hope My Writing Can Do

1. Entertain.

2. Be brutally honest. I'm not going to open up about every struggle or challenge in my life or scatter the dirty laundry of all my relationships all over the site but I also won't shy away from those opportunities to be vulnerable and sincere. My hope is my honesty can provide some truth and empathy for readers.

3. Build a community.

4. Champion great but lesser-known art and entertainment. Usually movies, due to the focus of the site (in theory).

5. Take creative chances and experiment with the form.

6. Grow an audience, provide value to the reader, and make a living.

7. Motivate me to do more research and learn more about pop culture history. Push myself to become a better and smarter writer.

8. Have fun.

9. Inspire others.

10. Become better through consistency, hard work, and passion.