Do You Love Articles About Future Articles?

Then this is the post for you!

This week resembles a barn full of manure catching on fire. The raging fire threatens to spread to the homestead while the smell of burnt cow dung suffocates the air.

I may not pull off my master plan of getting this site back on track with pop culture thoughts and movie reviews this week. 

But if miracles happen, then maybe later in the week this site will start capturing my vision.

What is that vision?

I want to pace myself. For the next few weeks, the plan is to have a new episode of The Movie Breakdown every Wednesday, written reviews of everything that is covered on the podcast, and reviews of any other new releases that I may see. The goal is to review at least one new movie release a week. The new theatrical release should be posted on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday, I'll post my media diary with short reviews of anything that didn't get a full review.

I will then fill out the week with links to work that I can promote. Most of my current stuff is marketing work or ghostwriting, so it is hard to promote. When I have a byline, I'll post it here.

On top of that, I'd like to have one or two anecdotes a week about parenting adventures, the creative process, or some pop culture thoughts.

This will be the plan for the next few months as I grow my readers and listeners. If this plan turns out successful, I'll then add my other plans like the MCU and Disney movie review series, creating a weekly newsletter, the weekly fiction story, and videos spotlighting some classic pieces of pop culture.

I have several other ideas, but I need to avoid burnout and make sure I have a sense of control over work, creative projects, and my family before I start my attempt to take over the world.

Things are really rough right now. Part of my creativity is being hampered by the stress of some debts that need to be covered ASAP. If you've ever enjoyed my stuff then I kindly ask you to consider a donation towards my PayPal if you are in a spot to help me out.

The quicker I feel I have some financial stability then the quicker I can create things on the site and beyond. I do have work lined up, but the payment won't be enough or in time to settle some of the pressing issues. I also hope to set up a Patreon pnce I know I have the readers for it, which will be another way to help along with some fun goodies attached.

Once again, you are all amazing and wish you a majestic day.