That Kind of Day

Everett was a pretty easy-going baby when compared to stories I've heard from other parents. He had a short stretch when his first set of teeth were causing him some pain and fevers. The way to console him was having him snuggle up against his ladybug stuffy. My memory says this was only a few nights, but this would be one of the first cases of feeling heartbreak for my little guy as there was little I could do. This would be February of 2013, so he is a little over a year old, so he must have some teeth but not the 'painful' ones yet.

Today I am not teething, but I sure could use a giant stuffed ladybug rather than the real ladybugs I occasionally find in our kitchen. Work is increasing along with some anxiety and elevated doubts. I want to get back to longer form posts on here, and I was working on one, but it will need to be delayed to later in the week. 

How is your day panning out?