The Media Diary Will Return


The promised article I've been working on is still on its way, but likely won't be posted until Monday. I'm also rather nervous that I won't finish my short story by the Wednesday deadline. The cyclone of battered emotions must-complete client work, and attempts at excelling as a husband and father have been tossing and banging me about for weeks, which is why the 2024 output on Beyond the Balcony has mostly been three to ten-line anecdotes each day. My hope is the article I'm working on can be the kick-off to better articles and reviews very soon.

Next week I'll jump back into my vision for the site. Yes, I recognize this is probably the thousandth time I have conveyed such lofty dreams. The Movie Breakdown should be back with me doing a solo episode catching up on missed movies. The next episode after will have the return of Scott where we will review Dune Part 2. I also plan to have a written review of Dune Part 2 by next weekend along with hopefully a few other reviews.

I have also confessed that I can be overly ambitious and there is a lot that I'd love to write about on this site including reviews for classic movies, video games, wrestling, and novels. As of now, there is only one me, and he has many more duties than just building this site. My main commitment at this point is reviews of new releases.

This is why I plan to revive my Media Journal where each week I will list all the things I've read, listened to, watched, and played over the week. If I did a full review or discussed it on the podcast then I'll attach a link, and if I didn't then I'll include a very quick little review. This will allow me to spotlight and champion as many things as possible, and keep up my goal of reviewing everything without burning out.

It didn't last very long the first time, but I also allowed it to get a little unwieldy. It will likely have much smaller reviews and leave out articles that I used to research for work rather I will focus on my entertainment.

I don't have much to discuss recently because I haven't really watched or read anything lately as I've been burned out after scrambling to complete client work and then delve into family duties at night where I crash after putting the kids to bed.

Though tomorrow I'll have a very quick review of something I spent a small bit of time trying out. . .