To the Surprise of No One. . .


This week is looking to be sparse with just a few short anecdotes or thoughts scattered about,  I am currently in a spot where I need to absolutely grand slam some client work, because, after an almost year-long drought, I need to prove I can still earn a living from my chosen profession. As well, I have a short story that I still need to pay attention to that is due at the end of this month.  You throw all that into the mix of emotional and mental challenges that continue to haunt me -- but I am making strides towards managing much better -- it has been an overwhelming and draining start to the year.

I realize the start of the year has just been 'throwaway' pieces to appease my goal of having something posted every day. This will change very soon with reviews, podcasts, and articles of substance in the future. For now, I will try to make the posts short but worthwhile.