Quality Over Quantity


Well, there goes the streak posting every day on Beyond the Balcony this year. 

It wasn't really an impressive one anyway, since most days I was just throwing up a few-word anecdotes for the sake of the goal.

I smacked into a wall when I aimed to review Dune: Part Two but got tangled into a dangerous web of anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.

What?!? This is entirely new information!

Okay. Maybe not.

I have written about my emotional and mental warfare many times on here. Sometimes it seems like it is all I write about.

I apologize. There may actually be a few people who come here with a hankering for movie review and analysis. Or writing that is more compelling than wallowing in my emotional muck to justify the lack of quality writing on the site.

My excuse has been my lack of feeling in control of my finally acquired client work, a healthy work/life balance, and my emotional state. The Caramilk Secret is that I'll likely never feel fully in control and it is just another example of allowing my Imposter Syndrom to reign supreme and the negative voices to call the shots.

'Dare to be awful'.

I need to just dig in and start creating again. But also not be so obsessed with getting a post up every day, but be gentle enough to allow myself time to craft high-quality work that I can be proud of. 

The streak is done. I am fine with that. There will be a future with The Movie Breakdown podcast, movie reviews, and other creative works.