The Marvelous Cake Magician Has Stitched Together Another Creative Cake

There are a few guarantees in life. The sun will rise in the morning. Mosquitos will swarm cottage country in June. School will begin in the fall. Christmas will come on December 25th. Emily will make a creative Birthday cake for the kids.

Except the last one almost didn't happen for Danika's birthday. The birthday party landed on a Friday, which meant Emily didn't have her usual day off to conjure her magic. Emily pitched that she'd make a cake but maybe not one following the theme of the kids' latest beloved character or movie. Danika was less than enthused with this information.

Emily left for work later than usual on March 1st, because she is an amazing mom who would rather make her daughter's day by staying up insanely late to make one of her cake masterpieces than get a few needed hours of sleep.

This is all you need to know about Emily. She pours her love into her family by the hours and hours she devotes to their happiness, edification, and well-being. She delivered in ensuring Danika squealed with joy when she woke up on her birthday and was surprised to find out that her mom did make a special cake.

For those not embedded into popular Disney characters, this is Stitch, and he is apparently way more popular than either Emily or I was aware. The original Lilo & Stitch movie was over 20 years ago, but apparently, he is really hip with the kids. Interestingly enough, despite Danika's love for the character, she didn't actually see the original movie until after her party for a special before bedtime treat. 

Every day I am reminded I hit the jackpot when it comes to being married to an incredibly talented and loving superwoman. This cake is the latest proof.

For something that is a few months late, here is a sample of Danika following her mom's path of cake creativity. Here are some turtle cupcakes she made during Christmas along with her Aunt.