This Site Needs Fixing

The photo was taken on October 2nd, 2014 or somewhere close to that. My memory is crammed with too much pop culture minutia to remember specific dates and the dating system on the photo app has proven to be even less reliable (such as claiming photos of a baby Danika were taken in 2014 when even my brain is well aware she was born in 2015).

This was a typical Everett day, when he learned the shower was not working so he put his tools to work to fix it. I loved his imagination, and I am proud that both my kids delve into it frequently to this day.

But besides that shower, this very site is a little broken too. I have failed to deliver the reviews, movie news analysis, creative writing and personal anecdotes that I've constantly promised. I've missed the mark on posting really anything in the last few weeks at this point.

The site is definitely broken, and it needs some serious fixing. I'll look to see if Everett tools are still around somewhere.

For now, I just want to apologize for dropping the ball. For the last few months I have been warring with many mental and emotional health challenges, but I am seeking professional help. As well, many relationship things need my attention and just the daily needs of my family that must be met. My career is still in a dire state, but I'm making some progress, and that has needed the most focus. After that, I've just been worn out when it comes time to devote work on the site. I usually crash and fall asleep instead.

I'm committed to both Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown. I'm going to try to implement some strategies where I can manage at least writing a few short-quality articles on here and getting the podcast back to weekly. 

Thank you for the support and patience, and the evidence of that 'repair' job' should be obvious in the coming days. 

If you want to help me out and show appreciation for the site and podcast, I would be so humbled and honoured if you'd consider a small donation over at my Patreon. I've been podcasting for over a decade and writing even longer, so there is a lot to check out on the site for free. Times are very rough financially, and if you want me to commit more to the site and podcast then a little help would go a very long way. Thank you.