Boiled Beet Chili

I am aware that isn't a beet.

I'm also aware that I have recorded three podcasts and still not uploaded any of them.

I am very aware that I've failed to post a single thing in April on this site. 

I'm just as aware that I'm embarrassingly behind on client work.

I'm most aware that my current emotional and mental state feels like it has been mashed, mixed, and overcooked. 

I apologize to anyone reading here and hoping to actually get the promised articles, reviews, and podcasts.

Chili may look like a mess especially if you toss in some dark red roots, but it is also delicious and good enough to spawn many local cook-off competitions.

This site and especially its author may not be in pristine shape, but don't give up on either.

I have a lot to work on. and very soon, I'll have many wonderful things posted.

Stay tuned.