Playful Fox's Society of Radio Theatre Presents "Wuthering Heights" Featuring Me and Everett!

I've been podcasting for over a decade now.

Last year, I made my big stage musical theatre debut.

Now, I've smashed those two worlds together and landed a small role as Doctor Kenneth in a radio play adaptation of Emily Bronte's gothic classic. Wuthering Heights. Everett makes a terrific appearance as young Heathcliff.

This production comes from Playful Fox's Society of Radio Theatre. A really cool concept that brings back radio plays that were major forms of entertainment in homes 70 years ago. It was a blast being a part of it, and it is pretty amazing how professional and engaging it turned out.

Rob Curwain was the director and producer. He did an incredible job pulling out great performances from me and Everett. His editing and producing work is what really makes this an engaging play to listen to. We are surrounded by some very talented voice actors, and this production has many powerful moments.

If you have about 50 minutes, grab your favourite drink, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy this classic tale.