A Possible Change to 'The Movie Breakdown'

Hey, look! Another post where I am not reviewing a movie or writing about all the stuff I promised.

I apologize.

This week has been an emotional hell with lots of uncertainty about my future that is just devastating me. 

If a positive future shines upon my horizon then I should be galloping forward with new reviews, pop culture articles, and podcasts. I just need to steer away from career sabotage and nail some of my current client work.

Speaking of podcasts, I have a few delayed episodes that still need to be edited and posted. But we will soon be jumping back into the recording studio and creating some podcast magic. There may be a slight change to the format for the foreseeable future.

For various reasons, we will likely be doing a deep dive into a single movie each week like we have done in the past. There is a good chance it won't often be new-release theatrical movies. But I plan to start reviewing new releases again, so I plan to attach supplemental episodes where I'll do shorter movie review solo episodes. This may be the necessary open door to make it both a Spreaker podcast and a YouTube video. I'll just need to brainstorm how I'll make all that work.

Podcasts and reviews are definitely on the way. Thank you for your patience and your continued support.