Just Keep Swimming

My writing mojo is in serious tatters. It has affected all aspects of my confidence in life. I jump to thinking my new client must have been mistaken when they love my work, I doubt the sincerity when praise comes forth for my podcast, and this new friendship isn't genuine.

This is all ridiculous. Though even as I type it, I am not honest percent sure. The self-confidence is swirling around in the toilet and I'm trying to pull it out with toothpicks.

I heard something from Mark Manson this week when it comes to seeking things in life like confidence, happiness, or love. It comes to you after you stop seeking and obsessing about it. It comes by waking up knowing you have no faith in your ability to accomplish great work but you still do the work. You keep doing it every day, and you celebrate those little wins.

I feel lost and unable to achieve my dreams, but I will keep working forward despite that.

Just keep swimming