Striving for Compassion, Empathy, and Kindness as I Grow the Site and Podcast

I recently read this quote from popular self-help writer, Mark Manson. 

'Toxic people get all the attention. Healthy people get all the happiness.
Pessimists get to sound smart. Optimists get to actually change and grow.'

It got me thinking about my current state as a pop culture writer and movie podcaster. There are many reasons why Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown don't have the desired audience size, but I often get frustrated seeing the popularity and viral growth of creators who lean in on being negative about art and pop culture. It seems pushing toxic beliefs or leaning into gatekeeping drives traffic both from supporters and detractors. It often bums me out but also I must confess a little jealous they have bigger followings.

The above quote reminded me that I'd much rather have a smaller but immensely positive and inviting community than a large one stewing in negativity. My hope is all my creations promote optimism, inspiration, kindness, and openness. This is a far more worthwhile approach even if it means my audience size doesn't reach the mountain tops. 

As for the second part of the quote, it is an even better reminder that being compassionate, empathetic, and kind is far more worthwhile than being right. In other words, take a deep breath and don't spend energy debating on comment threads.

I appreciate my readers and listeners because they have proven to be genuine, sincere and kind people. I look forward to continuing to promote that direction and community. 

What did you get from the quote?