Another Pending Site Change

In 2015, I saw the movie criticism and pop culture writing part of my career take off. I was growing an audience and writing for several outlets. Around this time I was seriously talking with investors and sponsors about expanding the site and The Movie Breakdown. While I enjoy all forms of writing, there is an intriguing challenge that comes with copywriting and marketing for clients, I started believing it was time to wind down ad copy while shifting to pop culture writing as my main focus. It was during this time I also wanted to start pursuing my fiction career.

We jump ahead to modern times, and various factors have led me to a spot where the reality is that ad copywriting is likely my main source of income for the foreseeable future. My side work will be growing the site and podcast, pitching movie articles to various publications, and writing fiction. The ad copy will be the day job that affords me free time to work on the fun stuff.

This means I must seriously look at my freelance writing business and set up channels to better promote my work and connect with potential clients. This means creating an affiliate site or a subsite here that offers my services and explains my rates. It is becoming quite clear that my skills are better served by trying to write directly for businesses rather than continually relying on ad agencies to get work. This also means a lot more work for me to find consistent clients and build up my reputation with my current clients.

I get this post is dishwater lacking any sex appeal for most of my readers. This needs to be something I focus on in order to afford to write the stuff that entertains you. In the next bit there will be a subsite or a link to another site promoting my freelance business. First I need to work out the logistics and figure out exactly the direction and niches I want to focus on.

If you are looking for some ad copy for your own business, please reach out to Christopher dot d dot spicer at Thanks!