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Christopher Spicer has been a professional freelance writer since 2011. He was a weekly pop culture columnist and movie critic for the now defunct The Collective Publishing. He has also written for such places as BuddyTV, NerdMuch and Pregnancy & Newborn. He has spent many years writing sales copy and other marketing materials for various corporations.

He is proudest of this little site. Beyond the Balcony. The name is a tribute to the most influential movie critic in his life, the late great Roger Ebert, who is best known for his Siskel & Ebert show where they debated movies on a set designed to look like a movie theatre balcony and would sign off each episode with 'The balcony is closed.'  With this site, the balcony will always be open, and Christopher is thankful for the impact Ebert has had on film criticism.

Ebert often described movies as 'empathy machines.' A great movie allows us to connect with characters from various backgrounds, time periods, experiences and beliefs that we'd never be able to have ourselves. Movie like all great art gives us a better understanding of our society and even life itself. Christopher hopes to follow Ebert's own path of using movie reviews to explore all areas of our world.

This is a movie site but one with a personal twist. Christopher hopes to look at major aspect of life like parenting to politics to mental health to writing through the lens of movies. Grab yourself a bag of buttered popcorn and join him on this adventure as the site grows and evolves over time.

The site is also the home of the movie review podcast, The Movie Breakdown. Christopher Spicer and Scott Martin have been doing the show since January 2013. They have reviewed all kinds of movies and believe all genres deserve in-depth and fun analysis.

Christopher is also a professional writer and a budding novelist. If you would like Christopher to write about movies or parenting or pop culture or mental health or sales copy or fiction or pop tarts, then you can contact him at christopher dot d dot spicer at gmail.com. 

Yes, he wrote this all in the third person. He admits that is weird. He also admits this About page isn't anywhere as funny or colourful as he likes to claim that he is.