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I got a rare chance to escape off Medeba property and as much as I love the place, I jumped at the chance to reach civilization. Not that Kinmount could be considered that. If you haven't ever heard of Kinmount just realize there is a reason for it. I think it's sole purpose of existing is for the movie theatre it holds. It's a movie theatre/museum place. It's quite the experience for the firt time goer. A lot of neat old memoirbillia that has compiled over the last five decades of film. Though for someone who has been there many times, it sort of just becomes a very small theatre with lots of old junk. It has style and it's a nice place especially since it's the only decent theatre in the surrounding area. On Monday's movies are only $4.75.

Troy is going for that summer blockbuster feel. I wouldn't be surprised if the studio had an Oscar on their minds. Afterall, Braveheart and Gladiator walked away with such awards. These epic battle movies do have a precendence for doing well at the Academy Awards. I am a big Braveheart fan but I actually thought that Gladiator was not a deserving winner of an Oscar. The film never gave that special feel that deserves Best Film of the year or at least, I never felt it. I'd have to say that Troy lacked that feel as well.

As for a big budget, CGI, battle epic it was a pretty good movie. The story was good enough filler to keep you entertained while waiting for more action. The final battle scene provides all the drama you'd expect and want. It's a fairly predictable movie even if you don't know the Mythology of the Trojans. Speaking of Mythology, that is the one thing about this movie that jumped out at me. The movie was played as much more of a historical film rather than a myth. The gods never appeared in the movie but were only referenced. You'd almost be led to believe that they didn't exist which would be fine in a historical film but this was based off Greek Mythology which the god's are very real. Plus Achilles was more of a great warrior rather than someone who is invincible. You look past that and you're going to have a pretty fun time.

Actually, not to be a fuss pot but two other things have just stuck in my mind. Why is that Hollywood is convinced everyone in the world is white? Would it have killed the movie to have Greek or Mediterean actors in this film? I always find it hard to buy films like this when everyone is played by American actors. Another thing is the same thing that sort of bothered me in the Passion of the Christ. I think the director assume people know too much. I felt some more backstory could have helped in this film. A better understanding of the significance of Achilles. They don't really explain why he was such a great warrior or why the shot to the his heel was significant. Though since this movie was played more for historical, I can understand they wanted to leave out the whole Achilles being dipped into the water as a baby. In my opinion, going the mythological route wouldn't have been a bad thing. Especially since Lord of the Rings is a hot item, it's not like people don't buy fantasy right now.

All in all, it was a well spent 4.75. I'll probably end up owning the DVD when it comes out. I'm a sucker for a fun battle epic movie.


  1. ya know...just cause they're white doesn't mean they're ;). Didn't see the movie, but when i watch will be to see Brad Pitt and ...the other guy...i forget his name, the one from Pirates of the Caribean. Love ya Spiceman! Check my blog out at

  2. Anonymous6:02 pm

    If someone had tired to give more background in passion of the christ it would have been 8 million hours long. takeing that powerfull moment was all that was needed to grab the attention and make the impact. and yah isn't everyone white. what other colors are there?

  3. Anonymous7:10 pm

    For some odd reason the powers that be, have decided that my password is "incorrect". When entering my name into the apropriate fields , the little dots that represent my password pop up. One would assume that the password previously selected is valid and therefore "correct". To quote Homer Simpson, "why must life be so hard...Why must i fail at every attempt at masonry".
    Anyway back to my original intention, to comment on the Troy posting. I also enjoyed this movie. It provided me with the necessary escape from reality that Ilook for in the summer blockbuster season. Although i had to pay the usual 9 dollars, instead of the rediculously low price of 4.75. I guess when you live in Northern Latitudes, within biting distance of bears and wolves, and thoose nasty little black flies, u deserve a break somewhere.
    I was also interested in Chris's comments regarding the use of fair skinned actors in Troy. People from the mediteranian have a beutiful natural golden tan. Not that fake orangey bronzo look that they went for. Ah well, I guess im just blessed with a wondeful natural golden tan, that lasts all year round. and to all of my lighter skinned brothers and sisters, I'm sorry you go all lobstery in the sun, whats one too do.


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