Beware of the Driller

I'm a grown up now. I'd like to say that I can be very mature (now, everybody I know has gone into hysterical laughter). I would say that I'm a pretty rational person. I have left some of my irrational thought processes back in my childhood years where they belong. I still do have an irrational fear. A fear that measures right up there with the Boogey Man. That Boogey Man is the dentist. As luck would have it, I'm booked for an appointment with Mr. BoogeyDentist today. I can say that I'm not overly excited. A few of my friends will know that I've had a cracked tooth since high school. I've basically been a chicken and not bothered getting it checked and rather just suck up the pain. Last year, I decided to not suck it up anymore and to get it checked. I was than informed that I get the honour of having a root canal. I never went back. Which leaves me with today. I think I just have another check up and to see how horrible bad my teeth really are. Maybe I'll even get a wrist slap for being negilent. Either way, it's about time to start let the BoogeyDentist do the much needed work on my pitiful mouth. I'm going to be a man and face my fears. I mean it can't be that bad, right? If you never hear from me again than you'll know I wasn't being so irrational all these years. Or I'm just slacking again.


  1. dude, i get it....the fear of the dentist that is....i am in a similar spot myself......about four months ago, i broke a tooth in have......all of a sudden i was chewing on half a tooth....i decided to go see my dentist that afternoon to see what could be done about it....he told me i'd have to book an appointment to have it pulled, possibly root canal. i got out of that chair and i ran......and i haven't been back. i actually have to chew out of only one side of my mouth now......all it will take is one little visit to get it fixed......but i just can't bring myself to do it

  2. Hey Spicer

    you rock, Good luck with the Boogydentist, I'm sure you'll do fine. I will tell you one HUGE secret, ready for this, all you have to do to make the pain go away is.... Wiggle your Toes. honestly it really works! I promise. anyway have fun, talk to you later

    No-L Johnson


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