Miracle of all Miracles. . . An Update!!!!!

I've been a little slack on this blogging thing. Okay, that is the understatement of the year. I've been more hideous than a wart infested ogre at this blogging thing. I've failed you all. I now need your forgiveness. Then again, it's been almost three months since I last updated so I'm betting everyone has given up on this thing. I almost will go one record that nobody will even read this post. I could write anything I wanted and get away with it. The world will be mine at last. MUUUHAHAHAHA. . . uh. . . hm.

Quickie update on what I've been doing. Though I'm not giving you an excuse. Because we know excuses are as welcomed as a fly in your soup (unless you ordered fly soup which might be all the rage in France). I graduated from LDP in June. If you don't know what LDP is than I welcome you to check out my archives because there is some good stuff in there. I've got the massive story about how I cracked my ribs which is a must read. Though I'm pretty sure no one read it because it's longer than War and Peace. Oh well. After LDP I did my 3rd year as Medeba's fearless Co-Program Director. This year my partner is crime was the lovely Errin Fast. She is a great girl and it was a total pleasure. I'm not just saying that because she may read this at some point. The camp thing is now over and I'm living at my parent's house. First time I've been living in Brantford since 2000 (man, that seems so distant now). Though if you were a betting person, I'd put money on me being somewhere else by Janurary.

But where????

Stay tuned and we can all find out together. Or I'l find out and you can hope that I actually bother updating this thing.


  1. AHHHHHHH, you were wrong because little did you know every few weeks i do check to see if you happen to update this thing. My heart breaking each time i couldn't read a new story from christopher. But THEN i could always go find you and find out what you were thinking NOW i can't so KEEP updateing. AND check out my blog because I DID keep posts allllllll summer. hehehe

  2. Anonymous10:33 am

    that makes two that have not given up on the Spicemaster. keep the blogging going.

  3. Anonymous3:19 pm

    spicy whos the pillow cover. P.S its not who your thinking off the quiet one!!

  4. Anonymous3:20 pm

    ummm pillow cover, i miss it. LOL

  5. Anonymous10:28 pm

    i enjoy reading and entering the mind of spiceypants for a day....i also enjoy the blog right after christopher's...Enrique i think? quite informative, well i'm not too sure- but it probably is-
    Keep up the writing flare Chris!


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