Super Size Me. . .

On Sunday, I caught probably about an hours worth of the film Super Size Me. As a rule, I tend to doze off with anything that seems borderline to the reality entertainment phenemonon. But this film was actually pretty entertaining and not really comparable to the tripe that litters the airwaves. I'm sure that line just upset about 80% of my readership. Oh well, what do I know because I don't even have cable. This wasn't meant to be a rant against reality television (despite my major dislike for it) but rather an endorsement for Super Size Me.

I didn't see the whole film but I'm slightly motivated to go out and buy it if I can find a cheapie copy which might be unlikely for a new release. Of course, I'm always willing to suck up my pride and except a gift. Back to my opinion on the film, what I saw of it was pretty fascinating. It was also a fairly sad commentary of where our soceity is going health wise. I got to day 22 in the film, it was pretty scary the damage that McDonalds had done to him in such a small period. I never thought that a full month of just McDonald's was a smart health choice but it's pretty scary to see how hamrful it could be. The fact that after about a week his body was addicted to the food and it was providing highs when he ate it and lows when he wasn't eating it. The most disturbing thing was what the food ended up doing to his liver. Yikes! I think the doctor was saying the liver had the same amount of damage done to it that an alcholic would do to his liver. Just really disturbing stuff.

On a plus side, I think North America is waking up and beginning to get back on the health food craze. I'm definitely not one to start endorsing Nutri-Sweet because I don't actually think that is all that great for you. But banning things like pop and chocolate bars from schools can't be a bad thing. I do feel that just concentrating on what we eat is really losing the whole point. If we want to be a healthier Continent than we need to start becoming more active. Exercise needs to be a regular thing in our daily ritual. I know that skipping exercise is something I'm guilty of. I spend most of my day in front of a computer and don't really do a whole lot more outside of work. It's bad. Seriously, a healthy style of living can start with what we eat but also needs to he helped out with an active style of living.

Another scary thing I got out of Super Size Me, an elementary grade only had 2 hours of gym a week. Yikes! You got to get the kids more active than that. I know learning is important but physical health is major too. I'd think that at least 5 hours of gym a week would be a good thing to implement into an elementary school. Then again, it may depend what other things they do throughout the day and how long their recess periods are.

Definitely a movie that got me thinking. I highly recommend all to check it out if you have the opportunity. This is coming from someone who hasn't even had the chance to see the entire thing. I guess, I'll skip out on the Big Mac tonight.