Election Time. . . Already???

I glanced at a copy of the Toronto Star today. I always like to try to get occasionally caught up on what happend outside the bubble of Medeba. The front page headline declared that Canada might be heading towards another election. It was only June that Paul Martin & the Liberals got voted into power. Now, it looks like we could be heading towards that song and dance again. The joys of not having a majority seat, you either have 4 years of stagnation or you get another really early election. The reason for the possible early election? Paul Martin wants to fight for the right of same sex marriages. Most of the other parties seem to be opposed to such a move. Martin is declaring that is in direct violation of the Charter of Rights. It'll be interesting to see if this does lead to another election or if Martin just tries to wait it all out. More interesting, I wonder where the votes will fall with such a hot topic being the focus? I feel a rant coming on about this whole issue but I honestly, don't know much more then the article I read. Not that ignorance has ever stopped me from have a thousand words of ranting and ravings.