Juice in a can. . .

Does that disturb anyone else? Having normal fruit juice in a pop can? I don't even know why it freaks me out. I have no problem drinking cola from a pop can. It's pop and thus it should be in a pop can. But juice? There is something that isn't right about it. It's not carbonated. Why is it in a can? Why not a bottle? I can accept bottle. But this juice in a can business is not right. Anyone notice that I must be really tired? Okay, I'll go now.


  1. juice in a can is not as disturbing as WATER in a can, which is REALLY disturbing, and not to mention gross (it use to be at my old school, hey, when you're thirsty you're thirsty). It tastes like the can really. MMMMM...liquid aluminium. tty in 3 days! I'm leaving RIGHT NOW!


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