New Year's Resolution. . .

As a follow-up piece to my 'Best of 2004', I thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon of yet another New Year's tradition. I will now compose a list of some of the things I would like to work/change on in 2005.

Constantly allow my dear friends and family to know how much they mean to me
Demonstrate the true meaning of love to all who are in my life
Make meals that don't contain the words "Kraft" and "Dinner" in them
Destroy the colony of germs that inhabit my bathtub
Always try to broaden my horizons intellectually, physically, emotionally and relationally
Contribute in a positive way to the youth of my Community (Haliburton County)
Run (as in the exercise not fleeing from banks after a heist)
Get in contact with many great friends from my distant past -- some will be harder to find than others
Start my own swallywag band of Pirates -- we will find that buried treasure yet
Truly try to put others over myself -- I probably have a better chance of having my hair grow back
Keep up on World news
Keep on blogging -- no more 3 months vacations
Catch all the previous seasons of Alias -- just saw the season premiere last night and it still brings the good
Continue to seek God and my Saviour, Jesus Christ
Constantly find ways to positively impact the many people in my life and the many people who are yet to be in my life
Write, write & write -- maybe I'll even finish that novel that is 6 years in the making
Remember and help the less fortunate
Continue to be witty because it's the easiest way to distract people from the receding hairline
Once and for all, find out the Caramilk Secret
Read a book a week -- I was able to do it when I was four but they mainly had pictures
Eat every flavour of ice cream known to man!!!

All right, we will see how many I actually stick to this year. I just want to thank you all for reading my little space of web this past year.

On a random sidenote: Leigh Eddy is another of my very cool friends from the United States -- who I unfortunately never see due to LDP being over. There, you got mentioned in this blog. :)


  1. THAT'S MY NAME PEOPLE..DIDJA SEE IT...AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST...YUP YUP YUP! I love reading your blog chris, and the e-mails, makes me feel invincible. If I die younge i want to come back as your puppy, cause I know you'll NEVER put me in a blender!!! I even miss you horrible sad face that makes me cry...ooh, but i don't wanna cry right now so i'm not thinking of it...NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT!!! LUV YA MARTHA...OOPS i mean chris the sexiest man alive, yup, that's what i meant.


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