Curiosity. . .

I have an ego. It weighs close to 230lbs. It has a huge appetite. I try to make sure that I feed it at least twice a day. Otherwise, it will get furious and try to overtake me. It outweighs me by a good 60 pounds. I don't want to wrestle with my ego. It has become a monster and gained it's very own personality. So today, I had decided that this blog post will be attempt to feed this raging ego of mine.

I've heard on the rumour mill, which happens to be set up right beside the West Guilford Shopping Centre, that there are a few people that I don't know that read this blog semi-regurally. I have to admit that the thought that I have 'strangers' as regural readers gets me really super pumped. Pumped enough that I would put on war paint, strip down to my shorts and practice war cries in the woods. That's super pumped!

So, my ego is really hungry. It's begging for it's next big meal. I'm asking all my anonymous readers let themselves be known. Just drop me a quick comments and show me the love. My ego demands it. I don't know how long I can hold this creep off. Uh oh, his stomach is growling.


  1. I must confess, i am one of those who has contributed to the ever growing ego of chris spicer. I have [as far as i know] 2 other people reading his blog without ever having met him.

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm want me to reveal myself to you. perhaps i shall...perhaps i shalln't...oh yes..i said it...shalln't.

    ooooh snap...right in the cratch

  3. Well, I've only just come accross your blog, checking out a referral to my own blog from She Rah's page. Yep, I think I'll add your feed to my agregator - I like your style of writing.

    (Ego massaged sufficiently? Excellent!)
    Cheers, Liam


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