Explaining Yesterday. . .

Do you like the creative title? I blame it on being up since 4 in the morning. The joys of groups waking you up when the pretty flame in their stove goes away. The bigger joy is not being able to fall back to sleep after my 10 second solve of the problem. It seems when you need the sleep the most is when you will have the hardest time getting to la-la ville.

Okay, a few of my readers of yesterday's post are wondering why I don't just kick this lady to the curb. She won't agree to a set price and thus, she should be shown the door to 'finding another retreat site.' I agree. It isn't quite a situation like that. First off, she is coming for a whole week which isn't a typical package we offer. It's out of the arena of a set price. Secondly, she isn't running a typical retreat but rather, hosting a church summer camp. Final dillema, I officially booked her in January and have told all other groups that week is gone. The problem is, she keeps changing her mind on a daily basis. I've given her the spot but she doesn't want to sign but she wants to score a deal. Either way, I think this little drama will be solved next week. Either we have her lovely church for a week of camp or I start trying to woo back my former pursuers.

I don't even know if this scenerio seems any different then the one presented yesterday. You still may be all for me dumping her on the spot. I just might have to do that when she comes up for a visit.

Now, I'm wondering what was the point of this whole ramble and rave. Maybe it didn't have any other then I'm too tired to come up with something fresh and witty. I can say, this whole chapter of my Medeba career is proof positive why moving on in October is a dandy of a decision. Notice how I snuck that nugget in there?

I'm off to try to see if I can get through the night without any 4am stove inspections. As for you all -- who you going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS!


  1. ahhh....the joys of working with groups who are unappreciative of the experience they are getting for a good price. hope everything works out...and if this group does definately come that they are much nicer when they show up.


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