The Freshmaker. . .

Let me get this straight. I could break into a guy's house. Then use his pots, stove and utensils to make myself some Kraft Dinner. Kraft Dinner that is owned by the guy whose house I've broken into. I could then use the man's ketchup to pour all over the just cooked Kraft Dinner. Next, I could take the Kraft Dinner and start to rub it all over the guys leather couch. I'd really make sure to leave an awful mess. I would then pop some corn and watch one of the movies he owns. I would wait until this stranger came home. He would then find me and be really upset. He should be upset. I broke into his home and I ruined his new leather couch. He's about to call the cops but then I flash a package of Mentos mints at him. I give him an award winning smile. He laughs. Everything I just did was fine because I was eating a Mentos.

Man! Mentos commercials are stupid. What ever in the world does mints have to do with sneaking into a concert or stealing someone's cab??? Freshmaker??? Whatever makes these events so fresh???? Yes, I know these commercials are several years old. Doesn't mean they don't bother me any less. Yeah, I have trouble letting go of things.

Though maybe I should look into this flashing Mentos thing. I could get away with a lot of stuff if this actually works. Overbook the camp -- just flash the irate customers a Mentos. Didn't bother cleaning the bathrooms -- flash the disgusted patron a Mentos. Oh boy, I'm on easy street now. Mentos -- The Freshmaker!

Nah, it's still dumb.

Speaking of dumb, I did watch Napolean Dynamite with friends. I didn't watch it alone. I still think it is a dumb movie. I admit I laughed in parts. The scene where Kip runs over the Tupperware thus shattering it, I laughed out loud for a minute. Genius! Didn't stop it from being the dumbest movie I've ever seen and that is even counting Pauly Shore films. Ew, Pauly Shore. Mentioning his name has just made this blog sink in quality. Now, that's an actor that even Mentos can't save.