Plugging Time!

Currently playing host to over 120 people on property. I'm a little on the side of completely worn and tired. I concede defeat and openly admit I don't have a good blog entry in me today. Instead, I'll refer you, my wonderful readers, over to a website to waste your precious minutes.

If you are even a little bit of a DVD collector then this is a great site for you. This site announces, reviews and previews all kinds of DVDs. It ranges from major blockbuster films, to complete B-Movies, to live concert perfomances, to celebrity collaboration bios, to wrestling event/compilations, to television series box sets -- you name the type of DVD and it's probably on this site somewhere. It has a lot of fun contests to win box sets and posters. I enjoy the site and it's at least worth a 20 second looksy especially if you want to find out if Season 4 of Lemon Kids Twist Box Set is out yet. Which I'm pretty sure is due for a 'not even real' release date.

The site is appropriately named DVD Fanatic. Go ahead, you know you want to.