I'm The Man!!! or at least, a man. . .

This evening, a group of girls declared that I'm not a typical man. When it comes to guys, I'm an exception to the rule. I didn't quite know how to repsond to that. I'm an abnormal guy? When you think about man, I don't come to mind? The sad thing is, this isn't the first time I've heard such a claim. Many of my girls who are friends (many of them being readers of this blog), will declare that I'm not your usual guy. So, it is now time for my yearly defense of my Man Club Membership Card. Here is a list of things that show without a doubt that I must be truly a man.

If I don't shave after 3 days, people will expect howling noises from me. Even worse, try to take me down with silver bullets.

I'm proud when I have a really loud burp.

The word 'poop' makes me laugh. All jokes with the punchline 'poop' is an instant winner.

I have no sense of fashion.

Watching explosions in a movie is a given.

Oh man, I'm still laughing about the fact I typed 'poop'.

I consider professional wrestling an example of high art.

Setting things on fire makes for a fun afternoon. And a few burnt appendages.

'Poop' - hehehehe

You can't have sports without the full contact

My biggest proof = girls confuse me.

Are you convinced yet? I'm a guy. Most definitely, a 100% full of testosterone, red meat eating, blood & guts male. I have my proof and that is that.

Oh, one more thing. . . poop! Oh man, gets me everytime.