The Man, The Myth, The Absent. . .

Purple isn't my favourite colour; by far, red is my favourite of all the colours. Today, I mourn of the incredible lack of purple. It's not so much the colour that I miss. It's the man. The man who gave purple it's fame. The man who is famous for his ranting. His campaign against the mainstream infestation of Sheryl Crow is absolutely legendary. Who can forget the outstanding commentary on the aging we will all suffer. I don't use the words 'life changing' often and I will not use them here. I still think the man had some good ranting. Now, I sit before this computer and realize this legendary ranter hasn't done a single blog since the 24th of June. Of course, I am talking about the man known as Purple Terry. Oh Terry, you are missed. How we all need another bashing of Sheryl Crow or your unique views of the world we live in. He's a man. A BBQ stained shirt wearing, coffee creamer drinking, hairling receding man. One heck of a good friend. Maybe not so good at keeping on the blogging.

I create this post today in hopes to inspire Purple Terry to come out of hiding. Grace us all with another magnificent rant. If you want to find out who I am talking about then be sure to click right. . . (wait for it). . . (it's coming). . . (be patient). . . here. Enjoy the man we all know as Purple Terry.