Never Quite Got Around To It. . .

I don't have the money for lessons.

There is too much snow outside for me to properly learn.

Walking is so much better for my health.

I heard, there is an alien invasion scheduled this weekend.

I always had an excuse. Every year, there was a reason why the next year would be better. There was always some cirsumstance that would make it better to hold off. I never ended up getting one.

I'm now 27 years old and I do not have a driver license. In some circles, that is enough reason to take me behind the shed, grab the shotgun and shoot me. Luckily, I think Ken misplaced his shotgun. Or I'm sure I'd have a splitting head ache at the moment (because I hear lead bullets aren't good for healthy living). As shocking of a revelationg that this could be for some, I am not the owner of a driver's license.

I wanted to get one. I meant, to get one. I even wrote the test back in high school. I had my equivelient of the beginner's and was ready to rock. Next thing I knew, it was five years later and my license decided to expire on me. You forget to compliment it for one day and it decides in a fury to no longer be valid for you. I only ever used it for ID for smokes and alchohol. Two things that I haven't really needed much in the last few years. Though I also hope I don't get mistaken for a 19 year old anymore at 27 years of age thus no need for just ID.

I'll admit I'm a little scared about getting my license and being the driver of a automobile. I've held off for so long that I've built it up in my mind. As some of you know, my mind can be a very dangerous thing. It's already overflowing with ideas about car gremlins and flaming wreckage. It's not like I was always afraid to drive but moreso, of having many years of being a very experience passenger. I'm a good passenger. I clean up after myself and rarely backseat drive -- that may be because my mom took away my Fisher Price steering wheel. I'm a professional passenger who has slight trepidation of upgrading to driver. Besides, I'm not very good at Mario Kart and I'd hate to be bumped off a bridge. Though it'd be cool to be able to fling turtle shells at bad drivers.

This may be the year. No more excuses. This has already been the year that Chris almost acts like an adult. Got a full time job. Invested my money. Got a credit card. Gave to charities. I even dress myself now -- except Thursdays, I just walk around the office naked. I mind as well add to the list of grown up things with a driver's license (even if I got about 30 thousand years until they will actually let me drive by myself).

2005 could be the year Chris starts on the road to learning to drive. Hopefully, my license won't claim my name is Christophe.


  1. did your last drivers license say you are Christophe? just wonderin. And Chris, you're gonna do great, don't worry, you'll be a great driver....just don't forget to shave for your license picture, they might mistake you for a terrorist or something.

  2. I've been complimented multiple times on my driving abilities. Now, at Mario Carts...not so good...mainly because i end up laughing so hard i want to pee my pants, and generally thats not the case when i'm driving a real car. Thank goodness. You have nothing to worry about. Good luck on the test...and that parallel parking!


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