No Pity. . .

The world of television is full of crap. It's basically a big toilet for media. Thus it being full of crap. Oh boy, this blog already is showing signs of lack of wit and creativity. Hm, lack of creativity -- it's fitting that I'm talking about television shows. Did I mention how television has a lot of awful shows? We've got a slew of reality television plaguing the airwaves. I'm sure most of you already know my lack of love for all that is reality television. I will always prefer my television entertainment in scripted form. Exceptions being sporting events, news telecasts or nature shows (especially ones about meerkats, right Tim). Unfortunately, the word on the street is most scripted television isn't doing much better then reality television when it comes to bringing the good. So, television is becoming a big heaping pile of yuck. Which is the reason why I don't even bother having cable anymore. Okay, I actually don't have cable because I live in the boonies and cable isn't even offered up here. Don't let the facts get in the way of my blog, okay?

There is one good thing about television and all it's glorious garbage. It makes for some really good bashing. I'm always up for a good jab at things that are begging for it. There happens to be a website that I stumbled upon a few years ago whose mission is to heave insults on lousy television. Basically, they give reviews on several different shows but pepper in a lot of sarcastice comments and point out all the glaring plot holes. They usually do a fairly decent job of making really lousy shows into a fairly entertaining read. Then again, I have no life so this might not be your thing.

They all started with the purpose to jab and abuse Darolyn's all time favourite show. Since it's now over, they have moved on to unrelentlessly beat on other unworthy programming. If this sort thing butters your bagel then be sure to head over to Television Without Pity. It does a good job of living up to it's name.