Things I learned this week. . .

Writer's block can span for several months but it is all a matter of disguising it from the reader. For example, making posts that are lists - remember anyone making lots of those this week?

When it comes to guys, I am abnormal. Maybe I more resemble brocolli?

Having a full uninterrrupted week in the office actually means you get months of overdue work done. You mean, it is humanly possibly to not be buried in 400 pounds of contracts and phone messages? Egads!

A week long stay in the office does not result into me bursting in a dazzling ball of flame.

Don't ask for an ealier date to leave your job because your boss will mistaken that as you wanting 3 more months added. I thought, he was a math major; shouldn't that have been a subtraction of dates???

Following sports loses it's flair when you're forced to live the big game by reading it from 'Johneez Sportz Syte Of Sporrts, Dood'. You can't quite catch the madness of March through a 13 years old's grammatically incorrect College Basketball Report.

I'm biased!!! I'm more shocked then you!

If a Youth Pastor wants lots of activities and services that require lots of staff that you don't have then he will make sure to give you 3 days notice.

My soul mate is some girl named Tasha. She has a scar. I may or may not have talked to her at some point in my life.

This seemed a lot cooler when Darolyn did this 3 months ago.

Don't rip off other people's blog ideas. You will reveal yourself as the hack that you previously so successfully hid.


  1. Hey,
    You aren't a hack for blogging like I did. The only reason I blog like that is because of my inabiltiy to segue between my thoughts. Link ideas? Psshaw. That takes brain power.
    And no, the attack will involve lot's of tickling till you pee your pants. Oh, by the way i took the dawson's creek personality test and I'm most like Andee McPhee. So yes, I will go clinically insane by the end of this season.
    And I'm more biased than you. And I'm not shocked.


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