Useless Link of the Day. . .

Ever heard of Adventure games?

King's Quest? Monkey Island? Space Quest? Full Throttle?

If you haven't heard of any of those titles then you are slowly proving how little of a computer geek you are. If you have heard of them, then there is a chance you would be a fan of computer Adventure games. If you are then I've got a link to a website that is entirely dedicated to adventures games. I was totally addicted to these games back in high school. While most video games involved who could push button B faster, these games revolved around how quick your mind worked. The premise was trying to solve several puzzles while watching an in-depth story unfold. Man, I really did a poor job of describing that. Anyway, check out the site that is all about games that really aren't considered of much worth in the mainstream market but I think, are a 100 times more fun then the latest version of 'Shoot'em Up Shooter Shoots'. So yeah, click here!

And yes, this is a notorious cop out blog where I resort to giving you a link rather then come up with something worth reading. Live with it.


  1. Monkey Island?!?! I thought I was the only one that played that! My brother and I beat the game! I especially like the sword fights where you had to come up with the best insult to win:o)


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