Is This Considered A Bad Week???

Rather then booking new groups, during a time we desperately need them, I've successfully had two groups cancel.

I was almost murdered by an orange tarp.

Two people declared that I am indeed a fashion victim. Right before I was ready to open up my own Spring line.

Blogger decided to be moody and not post my last blog thus losing it forever and ever.

My current scenerio, for the next youth group that is coming in, has me hosting the group, belaying the climbers, doing high ropes and crying my eyes out alll at the same time.

I watched as the group of evil completely totalled the camp this weekend.

I didn't get to kick the group of evil in the shins.

In two days, I have an entire two weeks of the camp all to myself. You all know how much I adore living at camp spooky by my lonesome.

I wanted to punch a Youth Pastor in the face. Or at least, I would have liked to sneeze in his general direction. Jerk.

Trogdor burninated my village.

And that folks, is what I've decided is not my most favouritest week of all time. Probably not even top 50. Actually, I'd love a time machine so I can redo this week. Maybe slash the tires of the youth group's bus so they couldn't make it here? Hmmm. . . see what this week has done to me? Now, I'm becoming evil.


  1. Trogdor burninated my village

    who did what, why????
    and please tell us about the group that could turn Chris "butter actually doesn't melt in my mouth" Spicer
    into the ball of apparently fashion victim clothed hate that you are now.

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  3. OH man that sucks... I hope you have a better week next week... I'll definatly help you escape camp once and a while when I'm back home! we can play on the surf board and tubes and stuff.. it'll be good times... oh and the trampoline... see summer is here soon.. and we definatly have to catch up on old times! just you wait!! Hope your doing alright, talk to you soon!.. (I'll be home on the 30th), bye

  4. Let's just say, I don't plan on handing them the 'Group of the Millennium Award'. More importantly, Dave, are you trying to tell me you don't know who Trogdor is or why he is the burninator? Do you not remember LDP whatsoever? I'm stunned. Completely stunned.

  5. spicer, I'm hoping to make it up to haliburton within the next few weeks for a visit (due to the fact that I'll be done school tomorrow). Maybe we can visit and then you won't have to be so lonely, at least not for one afternoon.

  6. i'm never coming up to camp. N-E-V-E-R. I'm only saying this because I want you to miss me "like the deserts miss the rain.." --remember that song? In 5th grade, that was SO my song... now I think, wow, i was pathetic.


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