T-Bone, This One Is For You!

You would think that living in Central Ontario (aka land of the wild) that my #1 animal concern would be bears. You would be wrong. We do have bears but these mild carnivores are nothing to be feared compared to another vile creature. An animal that is far more fearsome and deadly. The rabid Llama. I know what you must be thinking, do you even have llamas up there? Or how dangerous could a rapid herbivore truly be? I answer with the question, does anyone think of the grass and the leaves? The destruction that these wild monsters conjure up is devastating. Imagine the grass is shortened before we have a chance to mow it. The fallen leaves we would have had to rake are now devoured. Will there be any lawn care work left for us to do? Must the beast leave us with a perfectly maintained property! And what if I am wearing grass pants? Can you imagine the danger I would be in? I would need to get another pair of pants! Which might not be too hard since I live on property. Plus I don't own grass pants. But IMAGINE!!!

I notice, I didn't addres the question about if llamas actually live up here. Well, they don't. But we do have moose. They tend to not maintain our lawns as well. Oh boy, watch out for those rabid llamas!