Kingdom of Heaven

I watched the major motion picture epic 'Kingdom of Heaven' last night. It was the signifier that the 'summer blockbuster season' is about to be kicked off. The movie was all about providing the ultimate movie experience and doing it all at a very big scale. I tend to enjoy these type of films. Who doesn't like a good war with swords and arrows? I usually am a big fan of films not based in this era and contains some big massive monumental struggle. I would have to say that the 'Crusades' is a pretty good period to pick when you want some struggling.

The quick plot synopsis for people who have never heard of this film. A blacksmith goes through a major tragedy back in the village he lives in. His father arrives out of nowhere to encourage him to come to Jeruseleum to protect the city from possible seige. The son eventually comes even though it isn't something he really feels called to do. As luck would have it, his dad bites the bullet rather quickly (except the bullet would be an arrow since we don't really have lots of bullets during the crusades). His father's dying wish is that his son protects the King of Jeruseleum. Thus we've got our major plot of the film. Of course, you've got your romantic sub plot and lots of fun sword slashing. The film has the black smith evolve his character over time which is expected in a film like this. The character development is rather predictable.

It's a pretty by the number 'epic historical drama' type movie. The visuals are fanastic. The battles are fun to watch. It might not be anything too earth shattering but it's a fun 2 hours to waste. I wouldn't rank in the caliber of a 'Braveheart' but it fits nicely with the 'Troy' type. Nothing I'd ever rush to see again but it was fun while it lasted.

The movie did inspire me to find more out about the Crusades. I'd love to check out any books on the subject if any of you have any recommendations. I would like to find out if there really was a notable sect of Englishmen that where opposed to the slaughtering/conversion of the Muslims. Isn't that a nice thought to end a blog with?