Things That Make My Heart-a-Glad

I just ripped off someone else's little fun word combo. I am a hack and an evil, evil man. 'Heart-a-glad' is not something I came up with. But the first time I read this word combo (which was two days ago) it tickled me in the right place. I had a smile that lasted until I found a new thing to smile about(probably something shiny). Um, that wasn't witty at all?!? Are you guys going to put up with such awfully uncreative writing? I stole another person's word combo and then typed out bland sentences. Well, you will put up with this. Or you will not read this blog. That's right, I am putting down my foot. Anyway, I stole the words because they make me happy. So there. Out of respect for the person I thieved, I will use them no longer in this post. I promise because I wouldn't want to make your heart-a-mad. Okay, now I stop stealing for serious.

What things are making me happy??? Well, where do I begin? How about right here:

Well, actually right underneath this sentence. Ready? Set. GO!

I am now not the only person who is on Medeba property. Samantha Young is my new camp buddy. We drink tea and we laugh. Thus I am a happy person.

The group didn't make the camp explode. Thus my body didn't self destruct. Not self destructing makes me rather happy.

I didn't work today. Do you need an explanation for happiness?

I may have recruited 3 more people to work here this summer. YIPPEE!!!!!

This summer, I can actually take 'vacations'. I might get to be on my first summer road trip in eons. Or also known as, before I was 18 years old.

I found buried treasure. Okay, I didn't really but if I did, wouldn't I just be the happiest?

Maybe I wouldn't? Because money doesn't buy happiness.

Though, I hear that gold does. So there.

People notice when I don't blog. Got to love the gluttony my ego gets.

I've got lots of Mac & Cheese. It's magic in my tummy.

I just heard Changes by Tupac. Okay, I heard it 5 hours ago but I still got that groove in my head.

I watched lots of Homestar Runner. Enough said. Except for all the words I'll type after this.

My awful memory prevents me from remembering anything that I didn't like today. Thus I feel it was the perfect day. Yeah for lack of brain power!

I talked to a dear friend today that I rarely ever talk to. Katy, you rock.

I'm happy that these 'list' blogs are the easiest things in the universe to do. Yeah for laziness!!!!

With that, I end before you realize you've been ripped off.


  1. Actually, I may be Cedar Point bound which should be lots of fun since it'll be with some long time buddies. As for a road trip to you, that is also very long in the overdue department.


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