Busy, Busy

'I've been really busy this week.'

How many times have you heard that phrase or one that is eerily similar. It's probably a greeting as common as 'Good Morning', "Hello', or 'Where are my pants?' Okay, maybe it's not as common as the 3rd phrase especially if you are a guy who tends to have your clothing sneak away from you at night. The fact is, declaring one's busyness is a very common practice. It's like a verbal badge that people like to show off proudly. Make it obvious that they are making use of their time. So much use that they don't have anymore time. They are busy. Busy enough that they weren't able to spend any time with their friends. It's almost as if one would be worthless if they weren't able to tell you how busy they are.

Is this a good thing? When did busy become something so desired? Why does someone need to tell everyone how oh so busy they have become? Is there a fear that people will think less of them? Or is it an excuse because they feel important things have been neglected? For example just spending some time with the people they care about.

During LDP, we took a class called 'Life Management'. I remember, Bruce talking about how it appears everyone wants others to think they are busy. Being busy makes you sound important. Being busy allows to get away from doing certian things because 'you're too busy.' I remember, Bruce challenged use to not tell people how busy you were. To not allow the word busy to sneak into your conversation. Because the word really does become an excuse. Or at least, some distorted badge of honour. Instead, actually talk to people about other things that don't pertain to your crazy busy life. At the same time, try to find some balance in your life so you aren't so 'busy.'

I told myself that from that point on that I wouldn't mention how busy I was and I would leave out giving people excuses. Nobody really wants to hear it. I know, I've probably failed on many occasions. It's something that I try to remain aware of. Not to use the word 'busy' as an excuse or a badge of honor. To instead, try to keep a positive attitude. Maybe actually talk about the good things that are going on in my life. Of course, it's my friends that can be the true judge of if I've even come close to pulling this off.

I want to encourage you all to have a fantastic summer and to really try to enjoy it. Not to be 'too busy'.


  1. hhmmm...i agree with the overuse of the word "busy" however, i can honestly say i have had extended periods of time where I was honestly so busy I could hardly stop to take a breath. even now, since I've been home, i feel like I haven't stopped...i'm to stinkin' busy...ant thats not a sympathy plea!


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