Weekend of Awesome

You ever have one of those weekends where you say, "I would do that all over again and love every single minute of it!' If you have, then you sort of have an idea of exactly how I felt once my weekend concluded. It will definitely make it on the 'Best Weekends of '05' list and maybe even challenge for 'Top 23 Weekends of This Decade'. Though I'm now probably totally exaggerating. It was a weekend to remember. I got to introduce my wonderful family to my marvelous girlfriend. Best part of that scenario, they both really got along great. It was one of those evenings where I realized what an amazing lady that I have in my life. Of course, the topper of that evening was I got to eat me some delicious steak. Oh yes, the good times were definitely in full effect. Sunday just kept up the goodness of the weekend. I got to spend even more time with that very amazing lady of my life. My apartment (much thanks to her) may actually be able to be called clean. I got to enjoy her very fantastical cooking. I then, got to body slam her off a trampoline into the water. Do weekends really get better than this? Of course, weekends come to an end and the work week awaits my full attention. I'm back explaining to Youth Pastors that they can't book a group of 120 in July when we are a Summer Camp. I have hope that another blessed weekend will soon be back to do my soul good.

Speaking of this past weekend, I want to send my heartfelt congratulations to the brand new Shawn & Tara Erb. I wish you both an absolutely great life together.


  1. there's so much awesomeness. You must have had an awesome headache or something. kind of like when you are so joyful, you get a joy headache.

    see you soon... :)


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