Denouncing Retirement

I haven't quit blogging. I intend on keep on doing this thing for a very long time. Since I'll be unemployed soon, I'll have lots of time to do this blogging. Since I won't be very busy, I'll have lots of time to think and ponder and come up with odd rants. Yes it's true, my Medeba run is very close to the end. 2 days to the end to be exact. I'm looking forward to moving on but I'll miss the people here. I love the people here. I just didn't love fishing female products out of the toilet and trying to understand the mind of youth pastors. Strange creatures those youth worker folks. I won't miss a single phone chat with them. Well, unless the youth pastor's name is T-bone. That guys has it going on.

So yeah, this is another cop out post. I thought, a month was long enough to keep you waiting to hear if I still lived. Yes, I was able to survive the Asian Invasion of 2005 (a retreat week of several Asian churches). Now, I'm preparing to pass the Guest group torch over to a new sucker. . . er. . . person. But first, now is the time on the sprockets where we dance!!! Hmmm. . . wonder if anyone got that reference. One big pat on the back for the first to know it.

Now, is the time where I end this blog. I'm hoping the next entry won't be dated some time next June. I'm sure you all are too.


  1. This comment is officially unrelated to anything in your blog. I ran into your brother today, and it turns out that we live less than 2 and a half minutes away from each other (by foot). I knew he lived in the area, but that's really close!

  2. spice-man, hope your last two days at work went well and that your transition back to the real world goes smoothly. keep blogging.


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