World of Monkey Island

During my early teen years, there was one computer gaming series that wasted my time more then any other, the Secret of Monkey Island(1&2). Then of course, my early 20s arrived and it was wasted by the third and fourth installment. What wasn't there to love? It had pirates, monkies, humour and grog!!! I'm not sure what grog is exactly and I'm sure that I never actually would want to drink it; but it is in the game thus it deseve three proceding exclamation points!!! Anyway, it was very much an addictive game. Took up time that may have been better used studying or bettering my life. Because of it, I know a lot of historically inaccurate facts about Pirates. I have a very distorted view of what the Carribean was like during that time period. You can't get that from text books, now can you?

Anyway, my little sister has now found this delightful series and has started to re-play all 4 of them. It has now got me in the mood to relive my life as Guybrush Threepwood, pirate wannabe extraordinaire.

I'm sure there has to be at least one other person out there that remembers this series and cracks a smile when I mention it. So, why not enjoy it's adventures all over again?

In the wonderful and wasteful world of the internet, there is a website that is dedicated to this little, pirate game franchise. It is entitled none other than the World of Monkey Island. It has many different features all devoted to this silly game. Check it out if you are a fellow lover. Or even check it out if you've decided you'd like to waste a few minutes of your life. Shive me timbers!!!!


  1. Anonymous6:17 pm

    haha. i remember that game! my my..such fun. when i have a moment to waste, i am definitely going to check that site out. as it is, i would much rather waste my time by remembering all the wild and fun aspects of the game...


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