Breaking The Silence

I decided that the people that still check this blog are probably tired of the cat vs. dog debate. Those same people may be wondering if I've been swallowed by a dog or a llama (if you don't believe they can be vicious then refer to a previous post). I am alive and not residing in a living organism. Since we've got about 5 months of complete nada and I've got an essay I feel like procrastinating from, it seems like a perfect time for you all to get a super quick recap on the life that is Christopher David Spicer.

I will label this little diddy (do diddies need to be songs?), 'Public Needs To Know: Chris Brings Back Blogging Love.' Before I start with all the fun and raucousness, I do owe lots of people big apologies. I don't do excuses so instead I'll admit I'm an evil man. I hope you can all forgive me for doing such an awful job of keeping in touch with almost all of you.

With that much needed apology out of the way, I will now commence with all the important facts and events of my life that spanned from Early October to about a minute ago. Though for the sake of sanity, I will omit some of experiences that have made up this time period I deem the 'Dark Months' (not dark as in 'booooo, I'm sad' but rather dark as in 'I'm in the dark because Chris never blogs!!!!!!) Because I like lists, I will inform you in that style.

1. I ate lots of pears. Man, pears are a pretty awesome fruit. Fruit in general tends to be pretty high on the list of awesome. Pears, do I ever like to eat them. I also ate lots of clementines, bananas, apples (Honey Crisp!!) and some Chinese fruits that I forget the name of.

2. End of October, I decided to take my beginner's driver test again. I got perfect on it which basically means I'm great.

3. Decided that just successfully knowing my road signs and being able to circle the correct answer isn't enough to be an excellent driver. I made the next big step and started taking driver lessons. I so far haven't run over anybody. Actually, it's about time to start booking my driver's test soon.

4. Probably got some haircuts. Must have. Because my hair appears to be really short at the moment.

5. I use face cleanser now. Which basically means I'm a prepped up wuss. But my girlfriend likes it, so I really don't care. Plus I can't play connect the dots on my face, anymore.

6. As you can tell from my last two points, I am really hot now. Maybe I'll get on the cover of Tiger Beat. It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Though I tend to only remember things for about 2 minutes.

7. I made the much anticipated and long held off return to school. This time, I did it in Univeristy form. I would tell you that I ended up doing 'okay' in school except that Emily would kick me for saying that. Instead, I will tell you that I am awesome. I'm currently hovering around an A as my average. I will now stop before this section becomes bragging.

8. I'm sure the female portion of you are all clamouring for some Emily news. Soooooo. . . we are doing absolutely fantastic. She is without a doubt my very best friend and I love her lots and lots. Is this sappy enough for you???? Now if any of you have an urge to ask me if I'm going to pop the question, I will ask you put a cork in it. Thanks.

9. Now, I try to come up with some random facts to at least make this a top ten list. It makes my life seem rather dull when 5 months can't even fill 10 spots. Oh wait!!! I spent my first ever Christmas day without my family! That was something new and different. I did spend it with Emily and her family which was delightful. Wow, she comes up a lot in this list, doesn't she? Hmmmmm. . .

10. I became a ninja. Yeah, pretty sweet eh? I also learned that I'm kind of really bad at dancing. But I'm thinking being a ninja will begin to help with that.

My essay is demanding that I pay attention to it again. I will. My goal is to not take almost half a year to post again. Who wants to lay money on it?


  1. Dear Chris Spicer,

    You are a very funny fellow. I am very happy to read your blog. I was also very happy to read Emily's blog however she doesn't know it...or me for that matter. Your top 10 list, also very funny. I laughed.

  2. Oops, I guess I assumed lots of people already knew where I was going. For the record, Wilfrid Laurier (Brantford Campus for the interim) and taking English as my major.

  3. Yay for Chris! I have to say I am very proud of you for sitting down for 10 minutes and blogging to all of your long lost readers. Who, by the way, have checked your blog for the past 5 months bi-weekly in hopes that you would return from the dead.
    I'd also like to think that our IM chat on Saturday may have helped spurn you current blogn and therefore take full credit! lol
    Glad you're back

  4. I won't hold my breath for the next blog entry.

  5. My goodness I can't believe it! Has hell frozen over... nope still hot and toasty. Hmmm... must be some kind of mericle then. Well I'm ashamed to say I had given up hope that you would ever post again and had wiped you blog from my favourites list, lucky for me someone else posted about you posting. Welcome back to the land of the living Spicy.

  6. Anonymous9:21 pm

    yay! good to see you're back..
    jealous about you majoring in english..must be loads of fun!


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